6-Week Digital Workshop Program

Revise your pricing and come out the other side ready to thrive in the new landscape of advice.

Have you been using a pricing model that may not be modern or is filled with challenges? Not sure you're charging enough or at the right stage in your advice process? Or even sure if your clients would pay you more than they pay now?


We have created this 6-week group program to help you to redesign, implement and master your pricing.


With the rapidly evolving profession, many advisers are being forced to rethink their business and to update their pricing model to increase their sustainability in line with the FASEA Code of Ethics, rising costs and a plethora of compliance and legislative change.  

This can be a challenging exercise... finding the time is hard enough, but knowing how to structure this time to get the best results and an actual outcome (rather than a list of further questions to ponder) is paramount to success. Engaging a business coach directly will get great results (if you get a great one who knows exactly what you're going through and how to help you), and Elixir can provide that for you... but that's not always cost effective, especially for smaller businesses.

Thankfully, there is a proven process that you can follow, and we've packaged it into a series of short, intensive interventions where you can spend much-needed time focused ON your business, and get help directly from our team of expert coaches to future-proof your business in a cost-effective way. We've mastered the art of the Zoom meeting, and you'll be surprised how well you can do a group workshop without leaving your lounge room or home office. Far from a passive webinar, you'll enjoy the use of face-to-face learning, breakout rooms, personal interactions and time for self-paced 'homework'.

6-Week Digital Workshop Program

After this 6-week digital program you will know exactly how you'll price your services and you would have already started improving things such as:

  • Knowing who your client base will be moving forward.
  • Knowing all the elements of your business you wish to improve in order to achieve sustainability.
  • Pricing your new clients.
  • Re-pricing your existing clients with a road map for implementing these fees.
  • Overcoming the initial shock and confidence issues preventing you from implementing new pricing.

Throughout this carefully curated program you will:

  • Have all the tools, knowledge and thought processes you need to crunch your numbers and land on the right pricing for you and your clients.
  • Have access to research and benchmarking so you know where your pricing sits within the market.
  • Learn from others through interactive group based learning (yes we can still do that face to face online, we just won't be belly-to-belly).
  • Enjoy bite-sized pieces of learning with a solid 2.5 hours of focused concentration every week for 6-weeks with implementation.

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of the Pricing Advice Digital Workshop Program!

  • Hands on learning designed to make impact. You're creating your model in this program, not just talking or thinking about it!
  • Focused 2.5-hour weekly sessions that you then implement in your business
  • Learn from other advisers as you work together and share experiences
  • Full privacy when working with your financials, no need to share with the group
  • Small groups with capped numbers so you get plenty of face-to-face time and input

Every week will include workshops and hands on implementation for your business

Each session runs 2.30pm to 5pm AEST

Workshop 1: Analyse

Next date TBC

  • Before starting in this program you will need to do some prework prepping your financials so you're ready to get stuck in.
  • Over the first workshop you'll complete a full business analysis using our Business Success Wheel software, guided by facilitators throughout the interactive online workshop.
  • This is your opportunity to identify what you really need to focus on if your pricing is going to be successful.

Workshop 2: Reflect

Next date TBC

  • Our video about getting your mindset ready will be available for viewing this week.
  • Introduction to the options you have and the types of models in your business then understanding these options to make considered choices.
  • Open discussions about the challenges you might have or the pre-existing beliefs you need to work through to move forward.

Workshop 3: Qualify & quantify

Next date TBC

Workshop 4: Refine Your Pricing

Next date TBC

  • You'll use our Pricing Advice software so you can do some number crunching prior to this session.
  • Qualify and quantify the value you deliver.
  • What are you actually pricing (clients and CVP)?
  • Who are the clients you are working with and what is your value proposition?
  • We will review the charge out rate calculations you have done prior to this session and make sure you are confident about doing these calculations correctly.
  • This is where the magic happens you and start to nail your pricing!
  • Refining and pricing your new client experience and onboarding existing client experience
  • We will guide you through modules 6 and 7 in our Pricing Advice software.

Workshop 5: Repricing Existing Clients

Next date TBC

  • We work through the common challenge of "Ok, I know what I should be charging but my clients aren't paying that so how do I fix that gap?
  • Live case studies will be a significant contributor to this workshop as you talk about real life clients.
  • Build your confidence for fee conversions.
  • Hands-on learning through smaller breakout rooms and practice scenarios so you are ready to take on repricing conversations.
  • You will take the learning from this lesson and present to some actual clients booked in for review.

Workshop 6: Pricing New Clients

Next date TBC

  • We reflect on the conversations you had with clients booked in for review and any challenges you had
  • Great opportunity to share and learn with each other in this smaller group with hands-on experience.
  • Address challenges and build confidence for pricing new clients and articulating the value.
  • Work together through practice scenarios so you feel ready and confident to have these pricing conversations with new clients.

Private Coaching Session

  • The final piece to the program is your own private follow-up coaching call with one of our experienced consultants.
  • Each business gets a one-on-one coaching session to work through any unique challenges you may still be experiencing and to refine their implementation plan.
  • Mapping your plan of where to from here and how you're going to go moving forward. If you would like the support and accountability to help evolving your business as you implement your new pricing model, you can engage with further coaching designed to suit you.

Optional Add-On

Workshop 7: Pricing Insurance Advice

Next date TBC

  • We consider the options for how to account for insurance advice either as standalone advice OR when included in your comprehensive advice
  • We consider options and you decide how to handle claims management 
  • Decide where commissions fit into your model (keep? rebate? offset? refund?)
  • Additional cost of $550 applies for this add-on

What previous attendees have to say about our pricing programs:

"We now have clarity on how to move forward, to make decisions"  

"I've gained the 3 C's ... Control - Confidence - Certainty"  

"We've now got the practical tools to make changes in our business"  

"We can make better decisions and stop wasting time procrastinating"  

"We have the belief and confidence to charge what we need to charge"

A small investment for a big future for your business

Pricing Advice 6-Week Digital Workshop Program


Registrations include two people per business. Additional people are $550. All prices include GST.  

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Included in the registration fee for each business, in addition to the workshops:

  • A thorough Business Analysis using the Business Success Wheel system.
  • 1:1 private coaching session with an Elixir coach via Zoom after the event (worth $1,100).
  • A copy of Sue’s “Worth Paying For” book (worth $50).
  • A copy of Sue’s “Pricing Advice” book (worth $50).
  • A digital copy of the Adviser Pricing Models Research Report (worth $350).
  • 3 months access to Elixir’s Pricing Advice software (worth $165).
  • 3 months membership to the Evolve Alliance (worth $330).
  • Pricing templates you will need to implement your pricing model (e.g. Fee schedules, Customised client Fee calculator etc). 
  • Priority (optional) access to an Elixir coach for an ongoing coaching engagement (Priceless!)

There is no better time to work on your pricing!

Hold tight for some exciting news about our next series
of the Pricing Advice Digital Workshop Program!

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